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Steven Morris is a licensed real estate broker in both California and Florida.  He has been in the real estate industry since the late 1970's and has over 6,000 transactions  experience in all aspects of real estate including residential, residential income, commercial investment, mortgage banking, settlement services and corporate relocation.  Steven is also a national trainer, coach and a published author.  His works include, "What Now? The Real Estate Salesperson's Guideline Book", "The Real Estate Sales Success System", "The Real Estate Company Success System" and numerous articles and columns. 


Steven Morris Has Been Helping Agents Succeed For Over Three Decades.

Who’s Next?

If you’re like Steven, you got into real estate for the tremendous opportunity the industry provides.  Well, now another opportunity awaits you — an opportunity to take your career to new levels by working with Steven to build your business and achieve the lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of.  To this day, Steven has no plans to retire and he absolutely loves going to work every day. He says "I love the real estate business but it's tough.  I know I'll never get out of it alive."


Steven Morris was only nine years old when he discovered his passion, but without a healthy dose of determination, he might not have ever seen it through to fruition.

When a young Steven came home from fourth-grade saying that he had been invited to join the school band, all his parents could envision were the astronomical costs of music lessons and instruments draining the family's modest income.  Thankfully, that didn't stop Steven's pursuit.
He wound up borrowing an old trumpet from his sister's boyfriend and quickly fell in love with making music.  He was good, too.  He later turned in his trumpet for a guitar, and the rest, as they say, is history.  A passion was born.  By the time he was 14 years old, Steven was a professional musician earning a living by playing guitar.  He rehearsed every day after school and played paying gigs every weekend.  Without a doubt, it was his passion. 


Living His Passion

For the next 15 years, Steven toured the nation playing concerts, nightclubs and basically any place that had live music.  He also earned his bachelor's degree during this time.  He loved what he did and "going to work" didn't seem like working at all.

At the age of 28, Steven decided to seek new challenges professionally.  He still loved his music and turned it into an avocation instead of a career choice.  In fact, he still plays to this day and has five CDs on the market.


Lightning Strikes Twice

Some people have a hard time finding one profession that they love, but Steven Morris has been fortunate enough to discover two careers that have fueled his passions.  Living in Los Angeles in the mid-70s, Steven decided to pursue a career in real estate from the unlimited opportunity to work with people. Steven absolutely loved every second of it.  After excelling in sales for several years, Steven transitioned to real estate management.  In this capacity, the roles had reversed from his childhood, and it was his opportunity to encourage others to unleash their inner passions. He began coaching his agents to bring out the best in each of them.   He found this role even more personally rewarding, as he was able to help agents accomplish more than they ever thought possible.  

Tap In And Break Through

Steven's unique approach to real estate management starts with a genuine care for his agents.  He embraces the opportunity to "Coach" each agent to new heights by helping them tap into their passions and design the lifestyle they desire through their careers.

"There's nothing more thrilling to me than helping agents discover their passions and unlock their true potential," Steven says, "I love helping people break through their ceilings to achieve more than they ever thought possible."


Make Your Move

Steven and Morris Williams Realty will guide you to success, helping you maximize your returns in the real estate business.  With your ideal home office environment, innovative training sessions, vast educational programs, technological and physical resources, Morris Williams will help you generate more business and provide a higher level of real estate service.  As the CEO of Morris Williams Realty, Steven would like the opportunity to speak with you and show you how your career could benefit from a place on the Morris Williams team.  From individual coaching sessions to a success oriented supportive environment to state-of-the-art business tools, Steven is confident that Morris Williams Realty would be a great place for you.  Give him a call for a private conference to see if you are a good match.

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